Footage of the 8th International Congress in Genetics! (Stockholm, 1948)

While searching for information regarding Åke Gustafsson, a plant breeder who practiced mutagenesis (and cited by Stebbins as providing experimental data for mutation studies), I stumbled upon an amazing video: footage from the 8th International Congress in Genetics held in Stockholm in 1948!

Bengt Bengtsson and Anna Tunlid of Lund University digitized and annotated the video (the host site), uploaded it to Youtube, and published an article in Genetics that usefully contextualizes the event, especially the rise of Lysenkoism and the responses to the banning of genetics from these scientists.

The article itself contains some timestamps, but because I think this video is so cool and is worth browsing, below I list every scientist Bengtsson and Tunlid have annotated in the video along with the associated timestamp. Of particular note are some of the giants of evolution and genetics, such as Ronald Fisher, J.B.S. Haldane, and Theodosius Dobzhansky. To be even more helpful, I link to biographies (usually Wikipedia, but not always the English version), especially because I had not heard of many of these figures before! Due to the Congress meeting in Stockholm, many of the figures were breeders and geneticists who worked at the famous and important experiment station in Svalöf. (Herman Nilsson-Ehle, who experimentally validated the multifactorial hypothesis, might be its most famous worker. For some reason, neither Svalöf nor Nilsson-Ehle have easily-accessible internet biographies… for shame!)

In any case, here is the list!

02:40: Hans Stubbe and Arne Müntzing
03:30: Theodosius Dobzhansky, Åke Gustafsson (mutation breeding), Richard Goldschmidt (notorious arch-enemy of the Modern Synthesis)
04:00: Elizabeth Schiemann (applied genetics)
04:35: G. Olsson (???)
05:00: K. Froier (worked with Gustafsson)
05:10: Arne Muntzing
05:30: Åke Åkerman
05:35: Frank Yates (statistician, worked with Fisher)
05:48: Olof Tedin
06:15: Ronald A. Fisher
06:50: Erich von Tschermak (co-discoverer of Mendel)
07:00: Ronald Fisher
07:13: Sara Akdik (worked with Muntzing, cytogenetics)
07:20: Milislav Demerec (not well known, but he did a lot with mutation, and recruited Barbara McClintock and Alfred Hershey to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
08:13: Åke Gustafsson
08:55: Georg Melchers
09:07: Olof Tedin
09:45: Albert Levan (human cytogenetics)
09:55: Olof Tedin
10:17: Albert Levan
10:30: G. Ledyard Stebbins (co-architect of Modern Synthesis)
10:50: J. MacKey (???)
11:00: G. Olsson
11:05: Åke Gustafsson and Jens Clausen (ecological geneticist, experimental taxonomy)
11:15: Gosta Julen (another Swedish plant breeder, worked with Tedin)
12:48: Erich von Tschermak
13:08: Richard Goldschdmit, Áskell Löve & Doris Löve (cytologenetics and plant systematics)
14:05: H.J. Muller (he did a lot)
14:30: Harry Federly (“father of Finnish genetics and eugenics”)
14:55: F. Resende (???) and Emil Heitz (.pdf) (worked on polytene chromosomes)
15:08: Erik Essen-Möller (medical genetics)
15:17: Orie (O.J.) Eigsti (experimental breeder, invented the seedless watermelon)
16:02: Erik Akerberg (important Swedish plant breeder)
16:10: Muntzing and Kenneth Mather (biometrical genetics)
16:26: Robert Lamm and G. Ostergren (both horticultural geneticists?)
16:50: Hitoshi Kihara (wheat genetics)
17:00: C. C. Li (population genetics)
17:28: MacKey and Hagberg
17:45: Charlotte Auerbach (mutagenesis)
17:58: G. Michanek (???)
18:05: Ostergren and Ralph E. Cleland (botany, cytology)
18:25: Boris Ephrussi (developed the transplantation technique with Beadle popular in evo-devo)
18:35: Øjvind Winge (cytology, yeast genetics) and Göte Turesson (ecological genetics, coined “ecotype” and worked on phenotypic plasticity of plants)
20:24: Cyril Dean Darlington (cytology, links crossing over and meiosis)
20:37: Sara Akdik
20:50: F. Resende
21.25: Guido Pontecorvo (Muller’s student, microbial genetics, developed Aspergillus as model organism, among other things)
21:30: Conrad Hal Waddington (developmental biologist; epigenetics, genetic assimilation, canalization)
21:50: Edavaleth Janaki-Ammal (never heard of her, but really interesting!)
21:55: Jens Clausen and Theodosius Dobzhansky
22:10: A. Nygren (???)
22:18: Hedda Nordenskiold (cytogenetics… results on Google, but nothing biographical)
22:30: Göte Turesson
23:10:  Peter and Bitte Bernstrom (cytogenetics)
23:20: J.B.S. Haldane
23:30: E.B. Ford (ectological genetics, butterflies)
23:45, 24:00: Dobzhansky and Haldane

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