I’m back!

Wow, it’s been a month and a half since my last post. Time flies when you’re busy making sure you graduate!

This last semester was the busiest and most time-consuming semester of my 4 years at the University of Minnesota – Morris. Even if I had free time, I couldn’t convince myself to write a blog post because if I was writing, I thought Ishould be writing for coursework instead. Thankfully the mentality paid off with a 3.9 GPA across 20 credits – my best semester GPA yet.

So yes, I graduated with B.A.s in biology and history! …along with an uncertain future. I will be volunteering in an experimental evolution lab through at least the summer and hopefully take some history and philosophy of science courses in the fall – all to figure out which area – science, histsci, or philsci – I want to spend the next decade or so pursuing.

With that though will come more frequent blog posts! If you don’t trust me, I already have four posts written for the blog and lots of other post ideas running around my head. Expect a science post on Tuesdays and a history/philosophy post on Thursdays – hopefully the regular schedule will keep me on pace. The first post arrives tomorrow.

Thank you to those who stuck through the dire lack of posts these past few months!

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