Brief blogging hiatus

This coming week is going to be full of homework for all my classes + studying for and taking the GRE on the 18th so I’m taking a brief break from blogging. No need for a 3-5 hour distractions…

3 thoughts on “Brief blogging hiatus

  1. How selfish of you to leave the internet without thought provoking blogposts on evolutionary theory!

    No, seriously: good luck with your GRE!


  2. Good Luck Man! Are you taking the Bio GRE along with the general GRE? If not, I would highly recommend it for a couple of reasons: A) You’re bound to do quite well on it, because I did with negligible studying, and B) Subject GRE scores are used as criteria for getting a lot of training grants and/or fellowships. (I chalk my training grant up to my Bio GRE almost exclusively)


  3. Good luck with your exam!

    Writing General GRE on 04 Nov *shudder* Need to write biol sometime soon too. Biol is perfectly ok…until it gets to ecology. I got a D in the only ecology class I was forced to take. I remember nothing. This might become ‘interesting’ in all the wrong ways…

    L.S. – Thanks for the fellowship/grant advice! Didn’t know that!


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