Hi, Pharyngula!

I suspect that if you visit my blog today or the next few days, you were brought here by my professor, PZ Myers. Since my regular follows are very few, I also suspect you have not seen this blog before either.

I am a senior biology and history major that is very interested in evolution scientifically, historically, and philosophically. So while I call this “Kele’s Science Blog,” it is not pure science. Hopefully you enjoy the cross-section of studies though!

While you are here for the evo-devo posts, I do have other posts that I would very much like you to check out. They can be found here.

Hope you enjoy the blog! You can also follow me on Twitter, if you so choose.

4 thoughts on “Hi, Pharyngula!

  1. Hi Kele, Yes, I came to your blog out of curiosity at your professor’s recommendation. Very nice blog and I’m glad to see you’re doing history as well as biology. I was a history major almost 50 years ago and I still enjoy reading history although I think my interests are different than they were in college. I know have a different perspective on life and mankind than I did way back then. I took a general biology class in college and now I wish I knew more, especially when paddling my kayak out here in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Such interesting creatures to see.

    Best wishes to you.

    John F.


    • I have intended to be a biology major since early high school but only picked up history my junior year of college. I had been taking enough history classes as a counterbalance to science courses that I decided to just get a major in it. Up to that point, the classes I had been taking were mostly medieval Europe, which I just took because I thought they sounded cool.

      My school doesn’t offer any history of science courses, unfortunately, so all that I know about histsci is from bio courses and my own limited reading. So to answer your question, it’s an almost last-minute medieval history major. I want more history of science though!


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