Sunday Morning Links (08/16/10)

Moving back to college day! Here are my favorite stories from the week.

Geology history in cariactures: Lyell’s time circles by David Bressan at History of Geology. I find how people view the physical world around them fascinating, whether its of the structure of the universe itself (think Ptolemaic) or in this case, the nature of time. I had no idea that Lyell viewed time in a cyclical pattern (as many did back then as far as I understand) and that species didn’t actually go extinct – they just fell in abundance during “seasons” in which they weren’t adapted for. Apparently he believed the dinosaurs would come back some day! We now have a linear view of time (in the long term) and I’m interested in how this changed – any suggestions as for where to look?

Another post from David Bressan shows the work of Jens Harder, a German graphic novelist. “Alpha… directions” depicts the history of the universe in a very cool and unique way. I plan on buying this at some point! More examples can be seen here.

Sunday Spinelessness: Peripatus by David Winters at The Atavism. Strange but oddly cute creatures.

Genetics is One: Mendelism and quantitative traits by Razib Khan at Gene Expression. Since I’ve been reading all about mutation bias and Synthesis history, Razib’s post fits nicely into all of that genetics history I’ve been soaking in. All about RA Fisher’s work on reconciling two schools of genetics.

SETI built on GIGO by PZ Myers at Pharyngula. PZ takes a look at the Drake Equation which always bothered me too.

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