Sunday Morning Links (08/15/10)

Another edition of Sunday Morning Links (I somehow forgot about last Sunday!). I know I promised some posts last week but the material has gotten rough. I will post what my thoughts are in a couple days and see where I can go next. Anyway, click through for my favorite stories of the last week.

You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Defines You in Trillions of Ways by Ed Yong at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

How Wright was wrong: When is it genetic drift? by Jeremy Yoder at Denim and Tweed. An interesting look at genetic drift and natural selection in the field.

Blaschko’s Lines by PZ Myers at Pharyngula. PZ explains how developmental patterns contribute to the human form but are rendered invisible with time except in certain diseases.

Hardy’s “very simple point” by Graves at Down the Cellar. A new blog with an opening post about a key point in the history of population genetics – the verbal beginnings of the Hardy-Weinberg principle.

Salamander’s egg surprise by Anna Petherick at Nature News. Algae in the cells of salamander embryos? Incredible!

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