Sunday Morning Links (08/01/10)

Another edition of Sunday Morning Links, obviously. I apologize for not posting anything since Sunday – I promise posts this week on the ampliconic region of the Y chromosome as well as an article about mutation bias. Stay tuned!

Faith and Science: Is There Evidence to Support Evolution? by Kwaku Ba at The evolution/creationism controversy extends to Ghana with Kwaku firmly coming down on the side of evolution. I don’t know much about the status of science/faith in Africa, but it’s good to know there are evolution defenders there. The 61 comments show that not everyone agrees. It’s interesting that the deniers use similar arguments to creationists here in the US, although I don’t know how many here would deny our relatedness to chimpanzees (in terms of DNA similarities).

Down with phyla! by Nick Matzke at The Panda’s Thumb. This post is from 2005 but its related to my latest post about language and biology. Did our language of Linnaean taxonomy affect biologists’ conception of the Cambrian explosion and is that language useful now? I think we can do better.

How and Why Did Madness Evolve? by Hannah at Replicated Typo. Some evolutionary psychologists explain the existence of schizophrenia as an adaptation; Hannah explores an alternative hypothesis.

The Bacterial Raindance by James Byrne at Disease of the Week. Bacteria have been found to be a significant contributer to rain as nuclei for water condensation. James asks if this phenomenon can be related to the spread of disease, particularly in plants. Interesting stuff.

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